JEEC can advise on coal quality as well as logistics and utilisation. In all aspects of our services, the company can draw upon third party resources to maximise the results achieved.


Our services range from tender preparation through to contract drafting and review. We can provide legal advice from our highly experienced commercial lawyer.


International trade is not without risk. Our workshops provide advice on how to structure agreements to minimise risks associated with price, counterparties, contract performance and logistics.

Due Diligence

Considering an acquisition or equity share in an operation? JEEC can provide due diligence services as fully independent advisors.

CEO and Commercial Lawyer, John Wilcox, presenting Fundamentals of Contracts

Expert Witness Services

All the way from drafting expert reports in the areas of quality, logistics, global markets and pricing to testifying in arbitrations and court proceedings as required. Our team has many years of experience in this area and our Commercial Lawyer has a distinguished record of facing cross examination globally.

Technical Advice

Our workshop program addresses the most common issues associated with the technical aspects of coal supply, including:

  • global and regional coal supply and demand dynamics
  • production quantities and typical product specifications of major regional producers
  • how to frame coal quality specifications and bonus/penalty clauses
  • load port and discharge port testing of product quality

Legal and Commercial

JEEC can provide a comparison between the most commonly used forms of international energy contracts and our client’s standard contracts. In the workshop environment, this comparison is expanded to include an explanation of the key provisions from both a legal and commercial point of view.

Specific attention is given to the critical aspect of allocation of risk for protection and contract performance as it will influence the negotiating positions of the parties and the ultimate commercial outcome. Issues covered include: contract terms, pricing, method of payment, quality control, penalties, title and risk management, and transportation of coal. The importance of developing a contract negotiation strategy is also covered.

The company has extensive experience in the provision of Expert Witness Services.

JEEC Logistics


Our workshops include an introduction to shipping and freight Logistics which covers: various forms of contracts, vessel capabilities, import/export port operations, loading and unloading mechanisms, risk management, operations schedules, and supply chain scheduling.


Expert Witness Reports

Decades of experience drafting Expert Witness Reports covering a wide range of subjects including coal quality, mining and processing, logistics, markets and pricing. The in-depth understanding of these areas means an ability to robustly stand up to cross examination if required.